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What is the percentage difference between two numbers


In Mathematics, Percentage simply mean Ratio of 100. It is created by two word(per-cent). 'per' means 'each' and 'cent' means 'divided by hundred'. This term percentage has highly use in Mathematics as a subject. Most Important this term 'Percentage' increases its significant as it is mostly use in real life issue also.
percentage is a value that represent the proportion of one number to 100 or another number.
Like 5% represent, 5/100 fraction.
50% represent, 50/100
We use this term percentage in real life where - we have to find a percentage of particular marks.
In some case it is given to find the value like 50% of any particular number or in case of share or business. we have to compute like person 'X' is __ % partner of particular business or company or share. Means this percentage will define the value of the person in that company.
Need of Percentage Calculator
In percentage we will find the fraction of any particular number are Ratio of another number by how much.
  • If X score 85 marks out of 100. Find the score in percentage?
  • Similarly, if 'A' is 33*1/3% valuable in any property of amount 3 Lakh what is the value get by 'A' there?
  • 25 is what percent of 200?
  • If 'M' is 25% shareholder is any company, this percentage is enough to define the value of M in company.

So, we come to know the importance of percentage in real life, No aspect of life is untouched by it. So it become necessary to compute it and find the value wherever it is needed. The value should be accurate so that a wrong computation of percentage can make Ratio incorrect. for this a perfect tool (Online Percentage Calculator) must be here to compute it. Definitely easy-calculations is come up with its easiest pattern to solve the question regarding percentage in less time and with exactly value without any complexity.

Way to use Percentage Calculator-
This percentage calculator on easy calculations is a convenient place where we can solve our problem related to percentage. It provides an easiest online platform to come up, when we are entangle in this Mathematics Problem.
  • There are two missing input given.
  • Input the first and second value as per the question.
  • Find the value after clicking on 'Calculate'.
Here are various illustration to represent the format of question 1 Problem, and How to solve it.
Suppose Value of 'what is' = 100; and 'percentage(%) of' = 10 and then click on 'calculate' button
Ans is 10
We can not ignore the importance of percentage, that we have to tackle various situation, where we have to face this mathematic problem so it enhance the importance of percentage calculator and easy calculations provides easiest and easy to use way to get away from all the mathematical issue regarding Percentage.
Merit of easy-calculations for online percentage calculator - the calcupedia has come up with many more feature -
  • User Friendly
  • Easy To Use
  • Time saving
  • Help to find out exact value
  • Accurate percentage value
  • Whole concept is denoted with two unknow term 'X' and 'Y'.
  • Related to real life mathematical problem.
  • Practical to real life mathematical problem.
  • Practical to use.
  • No Complexity
  • have a clear format of the question structure.
It provide output either in form percentage sign like (%) or in any digit. Various circumstances to face the question are given on easy Calculation regarding percentage just to understand the view point of people.