Simple Calculator

History of Calculator :
Need of counting and playing with Numbers were part of ancient time too. That days counting work had been done by Abacus. Abacus, a slate like structure that put up with various round balls that helps to count the numbers. But with the need of time and development of technology. the shape, size, function of this calcupedia has been changed. A new device has taken place of this Abacus named Calculator.
What is Simple Calculator :
A calculator, a machine that makes our work easier and faster. The most basic need of Numbers are Addition, Substractions, Divide and Multiply that can sum up with Simple Calculator.
Need of Online Calculator :
With the passage of time, the need of the people has converted its mode, with it. The demand of online calculator has its highest peak of phase and come up with quickly determine sums in a variety of professional, educational and personal need to fulfill.
How to use it :

This easy-calculations provides easiest way to solve Mathematical Operations

  • Addition - The addition or sum function can be used by (+) sign.
    It can indicate by(x+y).
  • Substractions - The subtraction can be used by clicking on (-) sign.
    It can be represented by (x-y).
  • Multiplication - The multiplication or product of two numbers can be used by clicking (*) sign.
    It can be represented by (x*y).
  • Division - The division key represented by (/) sign and be indicated by (x/y).
  • C - Clear indicated by 'C' Through this, we can delete our given numeric and can start another Mathematic function on it.
Features/ Benefit of using easy-calculations for Simple Calculator :
  • It is one of the quickly determine sums going to use in various fields like Professional, educational, and personal fields.
  • We can get a convenient, easy to use method to find out our mathematical problems.
  • Easy to carry this Calculator without a burden.
  • Solve large numbers (add, subs, multiply, divide) in a few and easy steps.
  • Having easy-calculations with many querries and practical problems regarding addition, subtraction, multiply and division.